Conclusion of Semester I – Batch 2

At 2:00pm on December 17, the Governing Board of Hanoi Bible College met with students from Batch 2 before the winter break, with 28 students attending.

Those present included:

Rev. Nguyen Huu Mac, President ECVN(N) and Principal of HBC

Rev. Hoang Van Luan, General Treasurer ECVN(N) and Chairman of the Finance Committee of HBC

Rev. Nguyen Kim Cuong, Student Supervisor at HBC

Sharing with the students, the Principal complemented the students on their good discipline in following the rules of the school. He encouraged the students to maintain their routine of disciplined study. However, he also pointed out that certain challenges remain: some students are not focused on their studies but are distracted by personal matters during class time. He urged the students to remedy this next semester.


The Principal shares with students.

Rev. Hoang Van Luan, Chairman of the Finance Committee, handed out gifts from the college to students and, on behalf of the college, wished students a Merry Christmas and blessing for their families. He urged the students to actively help in God’s work in local churches during the winter break.

The event was attended by an air of sadness at the thought of leaving school for a time. One student shared, “I just want to stay at the college; I am not ready to go home.”


Students receive gifts from the college.



Students take a photo to remember the event.

Hanoi Bible College