Vision of Hanoi Bible College

Hanoi Bible College will be a trusted center for training leaders transformed by Christ who are equipped to serve the Church.


Hanoi Bible College exists to glorify God by training leaders to serve the Church and proclaim the Gospel to the community.

Core Values

  1. Bible has the highest authority
  2. Healthy learning environment
  3. Faculty, administrators model a life service
  4. Balance between theory and practice
  5. Emphasis on prayer
  6. Care and love for one another
  7. Open and friendly environment
  8. High self-discipline
  9. Life of integrity of administrators, faculty and students
  10. Value on quantity (growing in fruits)
  11. High trust in one another
  12. Love through action
  13. Honesty between faculty and students
  14. Mixed and diverse tribes learning together
  15. Administrators, faculty and students practice what is learned


Deep Knowledge,

Transformed Character,

Practical Application